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The Hanging Experience

So the other day in class we got the opportunity to hang some of our work, besides the fact that our measurements were off a number  of times I really enjoyed the experience. I was in the building the night before with Luchsingers so we were able to see Lisa Alembik( Agnes Scott’s very own curator and art director) at work. She was laying things out and I could picture her brain at work as she moved all the different art pieces around. Hanging our chairs, gave mea little peek into the world of a curator and understanding all the hard work that goes into putting a show together. (photos coming soon)

Our Zoo!

Here’s some pictures of our collective animal zoo

The Axolotl

By Wednesday I decided that I wanted to create an axolotl and an elephant peacock thing that could fly. I made the axolotl because I read a really cool short story called El Axolotl( english version if you’re interested) by Julio Cortazar in one of my Spanish classes, and because I think they are one of the most awesomely cute and creepy looking salamanders ever. I choose to make the flying elephant peacock things because of my love for elephants and my fascination with birds (because I am one!) I spent half of the class on Wednesday trying to figure out how to make the flying elepeacock, but the materials that I used were way to hard and I couldn’t manipulate them the way that I wanted to, so I worked on the axolotl instead. I used the crayola air-drying clay to make it. I finished the axolotl in class in like 30 minutes. Looking back, and after spending about four hours on my elefowls, I feel like the axolotl really got pushed to the back-burner, it definitely did not get the same love and attention, and so from that I guess I would say that  it got my “creative juices” flowing. But I didn’t want to dispose of it so I put it on display as well.

I decided to go ahead and redo my MARTA project. The Changes that I made included making the actual media linear along with the pictures themselves so that the linear theme would really reign in. I Actually “borrowed” An idea from Kylen, I really liked the fact that her project mimicked the trains that you could take. So when I was creating my new project I took a little bit of that idea and had things opening in different directions as if the lines continued on in all directions. I took away the color so that the themes would not get mixed up and just did a solid black background. The feedback from both Nell and the Students really helped me hone in on what needed to be changed.

Now back to Kylen’s MARTA project, I really liked the creativity and originality behind her project. The fact that she had a solid theme that told a story was great as well.  She created a “MARTA pass” photo booklet that allowed you to open it up and go any where you wanted to go. As I mentioned before creating a mini MARTA map, was the most fascinating thing to me and having the corresponding pictures for each station within each zone really showed me that she put a lot of effort into the project.


After Coming Soon!

So we start self portraits tomorrow and surprisingly, I’m really excited, but apprehensive and nervous as well. If you’ve read any of my posts about the previous value drawing we created– value drawings are drawing in which lines do not exist, ony the edges that create those lines, and you create those edges by contrasting the lightest light to darkest dark and all the shades of grays in between!–you know that that drawing took me to a breaking point. I don’t like failure and I really felt like I failed with the last one; my brain understood the concept, but wouldn’t implement it. For this self-portrait we are using a different technique, and we have about a month to work on it. Hopefully these two factors will work in my favor! Instead of working on a white background and using a pencil to create the shades and tints (like we did before), we will be making the page black with charcoal dust and then using an eraser as or tool. We had to grind the charKoal pencils to make charcoal dust. Then we applied the dust onto a high quality paper called rag paper using toilet tissue. This paper actually helps absorbs the charcoal. I’m the most nervous about scale, we have to draw our face four times its normal size, and I have a large head to begin with! But I have tended to draw things small in most of our previous works too, so hopefully I won’t be too off. I really like what Nell said about being able to look at ourselves for a purpose other than beauty; we’re trying to determine where the light hits and the different shades and tints that appear on our face to create this work. It might be interesting to just be able to see the face for what it is without those outside social influences.

More pics soon.

Flying Elepeacocks

For the elepeacocks I really wanted to focus on the essence of each animal that I was combining; so again what made my elephant an elephant and my peacock a peacock. I wanted to be as minimal as possible as well. To me the trunk and the ears distinguish an elephant from any other animal, so I really wanted to include those as large focal points.

The train feathers and the colors of a peacock are what really stand say peacock to me. I made the “feathers” out of four different colored sewing threads. Initially I intended on trying to create the fan-like feathering of the train, but when I tried to support it, it fell apart, so I mixed the colors all together and created fluff like “tails” out of them instead. I made the wings out of bark that I found outside of my dorm, I wanted at least one natural element to contrast the metal and thread.

I ended up making  Rolling Stone (Papa elefowl) first and then he kind of acted as the prototype for the others. I knew that I wanted the body itself to be somewhat abstract and less detailed so that I could focus on the connecting features. I remembered seeing something similar to the position I chose in one of the slides that Nell showed us the first day, and it definitely gave them the support that I wanted.

The brass circles on Hannah Mae’s (mama elefowl) underside were suppose to be feet and I was going to put them on Rolling Stone but then someone said they made it look like she was rolling versus walking, but I still liked it on her, but I wanted diversity as well. After the fact I  consciously choose to put the same feet (or breast as someone in class suggested) on the grandma because I did want that unifying factor between the two as females. Initially I planned on putting the thread/twine on all of the elefowls, to give their skin a kind of rough texture,but I realized how much wrapping and glue it would take to do the two adults after I started on Stuart Little( baby). I didn’t want that to take away from the other features that would be alot bigger on the bigger creatures, and I wanted it to be as simple as it could be under the circumstances.

I started on the Matriarch right when I was about to leave. I love elephants so I knew about the Death ritual and how elephants are believed to mourn and display emotion for the dead, so when I saw the gold wiring, I just grabbed it and started throwing all the elements of the other elefowls onto a green(grassy) piece of paper. I think that including the matriarch in this piece really allowed me to complete my story, and within that show an appreciation for the cycle of life and loved ones. Hopefully I was able to demonstrate in an abstract way the interconnectedness that I think exists between us all.

Today we started our three-dimensional projects where we have to create “tiny animals” out of different found objects such as (wire, clay, “nature”, and anything else). So basically Nell wants us to do research on the animal that we want to create beforehand to determine the “animals’ essence” ; so what gives an elephant (which I definitely plan on doing) its’ “elephantiness”. The animal(s) can already exist or they can be made up and we need to focus on different qualities such as shape, lines, texture, colors, light, density, etc.

I’m looking forward to this project! At least it’s not value drawings, but that’s coming up soon with our self portraits, so I need to mentally prepare ;D.

Here’s a couple of other sites for found object animals.

And here’s some found object Art that’s on our campus(Alston Second Floor)

Yesturday I went to the on campus event Caribbean Roots to Southern Routes closing ceremony. Carribbean Roots to Southern Routes is a photo-documentation project that explores the themes of ethnic identity and the shared cultureal experieces of people of Caribbean descent. I really enjoyed listening to the panel discussion about West Indian identity, being a black/ African American woman it was very informal to see how some West Indians feel about cultural adaptation, assimilation, and their relationship with African American people among many other things. I have a lot of Caribbean friends and we always joke about the differences between our cultures, and so it was really enlightening to have an academic standpoint for a number of the themes and  issues that my friends and I had discussed. The event highlighted the photography of Mr. Dennis Robinson.( pictures soon) His artwork was amazing and really captured the spirit of the Caribbean people based in Atlanta. The pictures were taken from Caribbean Carnival in Atlanta, and they really showed that even though these people are far from home, home is still with them.

MARTA project

Originally I wanted to take pictures of birds, since I am a Byrd I have an odd fascination with them. Alas, once I talked it over with  some members of the class and outside of the class, I realized that it might be hard to see birds while on the Marta, and depending on where I stopped in the city, it might be hard to see them as well. My final design idea ended up being lines and edges and the different forms that they take to create our everyday living. I discussed my theme and my final project with both Shayla Brown and Chelsea Walker.
Shayla said that she got the linearity of the project (which I was going for).
Chelsea wrote “I can appreciate your appreciation of lines. The lines within the picture are contrasted against the bold lines of the background. I like the linearity of the patterns and the conformity that the lines convey.”
I got on the MARTA at the Decatur Station and rode down to the Georgia State Station with a friend, she had to return a library book. So a lot of the pictures are not only from  the station but also from the enchanting walk that we took to the GSU library.
I really got into the project for a number of reason. Firstly, this trip let me know that I never go out, I felt like a puppy when it gets to go on a car ride. Second, once I figured out my theme, I realized just how much there was around me that had to do with what I was looking for. Overall, I really enjoyed the trip, I haven’t been on MARTA in a very long time, and it was good just to get out and enjoy the city for that hour or so and feel kind of like a tourist again. I was snapping pictures everywhere and just enjoying the little nuances of Atlanta.
 Living in Atlanta I can say that I take for granted all the beautiful places that we have to see, so hopefully I can continue to just get out and do, explore and be a tourist in my own town, while I still have the opportunity to do so.(I’ll be a real grown-up before long)